Partial reconfiguration using ICAP

HI all, I am trying to download Partial bit streams created by Planahead , through ICAP port.The Xilinx board i am using is XUP (xc 2vp 30). I download bitstreams into DDR ,then i am trying to transfer the bitstreams through ICAP to FPGA. All this procedure is taken care of by a program in Power PC. I am using Set Configuration function to do this job.

  1. So when i try doing this the program is not completely get written and gets hanged in between. But when i generated raw bit files (using

- b option in bitgen) i am able to transfer the whole content , but after downloading, the system is not functioning as expected ( no change in the display). The other thing is that the size of original .bit file is 158kB, and .rbt file is 1356kB - so what makes the .rbt fle so big.

  1. I tried downloading .bin file (generated using - g binary : yes option in bitgen) again the whole data is not getting transfered but gets stuck up in between. but the size of this file is only 157kB with header removed.

So could please someone help me out with this problem. ajith.

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