[OT] 2 full-time openings at Xilinx (embedded systems, embedded software, SoC, FPGA)


Xilinx (San Jose, California) has 2 full-time openings for people intereste d in software development, embedded systems, SoC chips, ARM architecture an d FPGAs.

Ideal candidate would love seeing hardware and software cooperate. As a mem ber of our team you'll spend most of your time with Vim/Emacs, designing, w riting, testing and breaking our proprietary OS. It's written in BSD-style ANSI C and assembler, has 101k lines of code and is used across the company in all sorts of unusual ways.

If that sounds interesting to you, here are the links:


formatting link
formatting link

If you think you qualify, send an e-mail with attached resume in the PDF fi le to:

pssa_hiring (at) xilinx.com

E-mail should have a format:

To: pssa_hiring (at) xilinx.com From: snipped-for-privacy@mail.domain Subject: IRC104504 or IRC104645

Otherwise it'll go to spam.


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