Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems

Some people on this list may be aware of my book "Patterns for Time- Triggered Embedded Systems".

Following an agreement with the publisher, this book (and all the code examples) are now available for free download:

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The book describes the programming of embedded systems from scratch. The code samples focus on 8051 microcontrollers, but the techniques are (I believe) quite general.

My next book (Rapid Development of Reliable Embedded Systems) is slightly more advanced. It has a focus on ARM7 / Cortex M3 and FPGA- based designs. Draft chapters from this book are now available for free download:

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The RDRES book is associated with a free development tool (RapidiTTy Lite) which includes a compiler and debug support. RapidiTTy Lite also includes many of the book examples:

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Fig 7.15, page 150, ooops Apart from that, it looks like A Good Read


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Martin Griffith

Great, I'm very interested to take a look at that!

It seems that the link on this page pointing to the .pdf file is broken, the only reply I get is "Internal server error. Please contact system administrator"

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for me it worked, just some hours ago. Heinz

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Heinz-Jürgen Oertel

Oh! Can I have my money back then?

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John McCabe

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