Nand Flash (SanDisk):how to write a byte in random address?

Not page programming but just arbitrary byte? Danil

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I just checked Sandisk web site.

I do not see any byte addressable chips available.

If Sandisk has a byte addressable device available, please post its url.


Else, No you can not program arbitary bytes. The commands for compact flash is like an IDE disk drive. ( and we all know you can not program arbitrary bytes > Not page programming but just arbitrary byte?

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1) RTFDS. Note that SanDisk has gotten out of the merchant NAND flash chip biz (which is funny, since their chips read back Toshiba's vendor ID, even though they SWORE that they "made our own chips"). Look at Samsung and Toshiba's web sites for data sheets. 2) Simply load the address of the byte you wish to program, then load the "accept data to program" command, then load the data byte into the input register, then load the "burn, baby" command.

Note that this is horribly inefficient, and if you want to re-write that byte again, you'll have to erase the entire block.

So, while it's possible to program a single byte, in reality, nobody actually does it.


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Andy Peters

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