My code runs with ARMulator, but not on hardware

Hello ARM gurus,

I'm new to the ARM world, and am here to ask some novice questions. It's going to be a long post; please bear with me.

I'm having trouble making my code run on an ARM board. It's a Samsung S3C2410 TK (Training Kit) board with an ARM920T core. The development tool is ARM's RealView Developer Suite v2.2.

Within the RVDS IDE, I compile, link, and fromelf to generate a binary file. Its output format is plain binary. I then download the binary file via USB into the board. The downloading tool is DNW v0.49 provided by Samsung. I'm using scatter-loading.

My code and scatter-loading description file are listed below:

/**************************************************************** /* My code int main() { int i, j; rGPFCON = 0x55aa; rGPFUP = 0xff;

// I copied these two from an example without understanding // what they do. ChangeClockDivider(1,1); // 1:2:4 ChangeMPllValue(0xa1,0x3,0x1); // FCLK=202.8MHz

Port_Init(); Uart_Init(0,115200); Uart_Select(0);

Uart_Printf("Hello ARM world from Samsung S3C2410 TK board\n");

// The following code snippet will be replaced by my // application code. Uart_Printf("LED starts flashing\n"); for (j=0; j

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