Code runs slower on JTAG

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it appears funny but interesting. I am debugging a problem and for
which I am using TRACE32 JTAG interface on ARM platform. But when I try
to run system without attaching JTAG it crashing where as at the same
time once i mount it on JTAG it runs smoothly

I observed that JTAG introduces some delay so i introduced some delays
at specific locations but still it is same ...

Anybody came across such problem .. your views will be really helpful


Re: Code runs slower on JTAG
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Are you using any output to the term.view in trace32, that usualy gives a
lot of delay.

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Martin Hansen
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Re: Code runs slower on JTAG
"wrongmove" ...

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Now what is it, "code runs slower" or "system crashes"?

You do have the JTAG lines properly pulled up and down with resistors so
TMS=1 and nTRST=0 when the JTAG is not connected? If not, that could cause
this problem.

Arie de Muynck

Re: Code runs slower on JTAG
Where can we find interfaces to JTAG? i am trying to configure Virtex
-II FPGA w/out using any softwares. The project requires me to write my
own software in C to download the bit file to the device.. what kind of
interfaces are needed for this.. i am using Windows as a platform

Re: Code runs slower on JTAG
found a problem .. following error was causing problem

int* res = 0


res = 25;   /*Magical line causing this problem */


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