Scanner motor runs on but no initialisation

I have a diamond view scanner that has just decided to play silly buggers.

I'm probably better off buying a new one (it's only about 2 years old tho!!) but I thought I'd ask in case anyone had something similar and it's a simple fix.

It won't start up or initialise properly.

When powered up, the tube lights up the motor starts up and tries to home the head. The head bottoms out but the motor doesn't stop, it keeps chattering away until it gives up then tries to do it again a few minutes later.

I've looked for a microswitch or similar but can't find one so I'm guessing that load on the motor is sensed and that's how it decides to stop and or change direction.

Is this sensing done in the motor or does the circuit board do this? If the motor, I might consider replacing that but if it's the board then I'm tipping it's easier cheaper and quicker to simply buy another scanner!!

Any thoughts?

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Dirk Wooton
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On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 19:17:02 +1030, Dirk Wooton put finger to keyboard and composed:

Find the scanner's motor control IC, if it is has one, and consult its datasheet.

- Franc Zabkar

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Franc Zabkar

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