LVDS receiver PCI solution for data logging?

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Wasn't really sure if this should go in this group or not, but seeing
as how this has to do with an embedded project I figured what the

Anyway, the system is a simple little thing that's just going to be
pumping out raw data over some kind of serial line.  It needs to be
about 8Mbps minimum so I was either going to use RS422 or LVDS.
However, when it comes to having something in the host PC to capture
this data I'll need some kind of add-in card I guess to receive the
data.  I can find RS422 cards (though ones at that speed seem kind of
hard to find), but I'm having a really hard time locating any LVDS
cards for this kind of use.  Does anyone know of any manufacturers?

I was going to use a National Semiconducter serializer in the embedded
system, and I guess if push comes to shove I could always use the
associated deserializer and hammer together my own PCI solution,
though obviously it would be nice to be able to avoid that.  Thanks.

Re: LVDS receiver PCI solution for data logging?
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EDT has several PCI cards that might work: /

They supply Solaris, Linux, and Wincrap drivers.

Charles Allen

Re: LVDS receiver PCI solution for data logging?

You might want to check out QuickUSB.
Its a USB interface that will easily capture data at the rates you mention.
You won't need a PCI plug-in card and the drivers and software libraries are
already written and included in the package.

Check it out at: .


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