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Linux project:

maybe someone can help.

I am looking for a platform (maybe ARM) which offers USB 2.0!!! (this is definitely very important) and if possible an integrated wifi (alternativ over mini-pci)interface

16-64mb RAM and a CPU 50-200mhz are enough

low power consumption is very important since I want to drive this with batteries

Has anyone seen something like this?

Thanks for your help


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If you are using Linux/C, why would you care if the main CPU is ARM or not.

I am using a PC(K6) 200mHz 32M RAM with USB to an ARM controller for I/O. There is also a PCI Video Capture and USB WiFi on board.

Plenty of free PC in that range.

Yes, 12V Lead acid battery.

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This is a very wide performance requirement. I don't think you will find all this integrated simply. The closest I can suggest is a Kuro Box - this is a PowerPC 603e with an external NEC USB 2.0 (EHCI) controller, two ports. You can use one for wifi and one for whatever else it is you were going to do. It's _fairly_ low power.

A standard USB slot can require 2.5W (500mA at 5V).

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On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 11:53:48 +0100, nfb wrote in comp.arch.embedded:

You didn't say which side of USB 2.0 you need, host or device.

The Freescale i.MX31 can do either or both, the USB OTG port can be used as a device, and it has a host only port as well. It has an ARM

11 core.
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