Linux on a PLC?

Has anyone ever tried to port Linux or uCLinux to a modern PLC? Interested to see if it can be done.

Thanks, Fred

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I'm sure it can be done, and probably a number already have Linux buried inside them.

The problem would be getting enough info on the HW, which tends to be quite custom.

Of more practical interest, may be 'the bigger picture', where google finds this :

"Beremiz, a Free and Open Source Automation IDE for IEC 61131-3 PLCopen XML and CANopen"

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and most of this (as you'd expect) seems to run under Linux.

Some info here

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but it looks relatively quiet.

and here is the IEC to C compiler

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Not many links on the PLCOpen Editor ?


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Jim Granville

"fred" skrev i meddelelsen news:

Quite a few PLC's have some version of ARM inside, so it might be doable. But Why?

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Frithiof Jensen

Well, there is 'The Puffin Projects' at

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Don't know if it is very active though.

Regards, Charles

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Jim Granville wrote:

I have looked at both of these a few months ago. beremiz was a proposal to create some open source infrastructure around the the mat tools. As far as I know there is nothing more to it than what appears on the website.

Mat is dated now it appears that it was created from some of the early drafts of the IEC 1131. The feature set is both a sub and super set of the standardized IEC61131.

IEC61131 contains a grammar for the language parts. I wrote a quick grammar parser for a project and then used the standards grammar to create a IEC61131 to C translator. This is not very hard to do and might be an approach that could be used to create Linux PLC tools. There are a few commercial tools that have a similar approach.

IEC61499 should be looked at as well for any serious attempt to create PLC tools

Not open source but the Oats PLC project is worth looking at.


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Walter Banks

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