Linux embedded: how to avoid corruption on power off

UPS is 5V, so it supplies all devices with 5V, 3.3V and 1.8V power supply voltages. Compute module is properly powered about 140 seconds, without devices connected to USB ports. In the case of high energy requirements by USB connected devices, there is a possibility unmount devices and turn off USB power supply (this can be controlled by GPIO).

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Krzysztof Kajstura
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In a Linux-based product from another part of the corporation I work for, when power loss was detected, all non-essential services were killed, and all in-flight data was written out to a log that could be replayed on system startup. This was powered by a supercapacitor dimensioned to last some small number of seconds. However, this was a custom, bare-bone distribution running only their own software, and the filesystem was mounted read-only. IIRC the log used dedicated storage. My understanding is that this scheme worked well for them.


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