Linux embedded cell phones

i wanna kno hwz d hardware required for Linux embedded cell phones different from dose using windows as d OS.

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But to answer the question. No. But it won't make any difference to you, as you haven't got the intelligence to make use of that information.

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Paul Burke

Always interesting to see where a post came from, so you can rule out that institution as a source of future colleagues.

In this case the OP looking for homework answers came from:

inetnum: - netname: MITSNET descr: Mody Institute of Technology & Science


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Pete Fenelon

Hardware is the same for any OS, it's a matter of support like Board Support package (BSP). Most of the embedded processor manufacturers nowdays offer support for both, Linux and WindowsCE. But there is nothing to stop you from porting any RTOS or embedded OS into new hardware platform.

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Remis Norvilis

Seems that most of the Linux cell phones are using ARM processors. The TI OMAP and the Marvel (Intel) Xscale are fairly popular. One reason for using an ARM is that many ARM processor have lots of way to reduce power consumption. You can change the clock rate for the CPU and can completely remove power from parts (ie peripherals) that are not being used.

I talked to the guys at the Trolltech booth at LinuxWorld about their new "GreenPhone". Be aware that it does not have a complete set of drivers. Neither the camera nor the Bluetooth radio have drivers. I don't mean to pick on Trolltech --- drivers are currently the problem for all of the phone/PDAs available.


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Bob Smith

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