Lauterbach Trace32 ICD

Hi am working with Lauterbach Trace32 ICD. During System "UP" command w are getting message "Emulation debug Port Failed". Can anyone tell me wha could be the possible reason ??


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Have you tried asking Lauterbach?

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Tom Lucas

It's not turned on.

It's not plugged in correctly.

The board's not got power.

It's got its knickers in a twist and needs a power cycle (yep, It does do this).



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In article , tim..... writes

Silk or cotton knickers? It makes a difference.

Tip, most debuggers are traditional they don't like thongs.


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Chris Hills



Make sure the JtagClock speed isn't too high - set it lower and retry (th default is 20MHz - I have to set it to 15M for my MSP8510)

I hope this helps, Sean

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