ARM based processor with TRACE32

Hi All, I am using ARM based SoC, and using Lauterbach to bring it up. I using u-boot as my boot loader, and I did DDR register settings for

800MHz DDR3 and I am able to load my u-boot code, and u-boot is booting when I load using Lauterbach.

I can see the console messages and u-boot prompt. From there I would like to flash the u-boot in FLASH memory using u-boot commands.

But the issue is, when the u-boot console messages are up, after some time, say 3-5 min the JTAG communication fails and the Trace 32 status bar shows the message "Emulation Debug Port Fail" message.

I have checked the DDR register settings, JTAG clock is reduced and checked. Selected the correct CPU core.

Could anyone suggest what are the other things can be checked?

(The same works for DDR part 667MHz. ) We change the DDR3 part and change the settings and the emulation fails in this case after booting the u-boot from Lauterbach.

Thanks and Regards, Jay

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