JTAG Implementation through software

Hi All,

I have to convert Intel Hex Code into JTAG bits so that I can directly provide the output (JTAG Bits) to the JTAG I/F. I can use JTAG for this. So can please let me know hoe to do Intel Hex conversion into JTAG bits.

Any kind of example, documents and flow diagram will be highly appreciated.

Thanks, Appu

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copy i_need_to_school_and_do_my_homework.hex > /dev/jtag

if that doesnt work, go to

formatting link
install silabs IDE, there is HEX2SVF utility this convert HEX file to SVF file then use UrJTAG and type

SVF myhex_converted_svf.SVF it will send the HEX down to the JTAG but i bet it is not what you want

Antti PS there is no answer to your question in the way you asked. hex files can be sent OVER jtag connection in SOME cases but it depends WHAT device on the JTAG you are talking to.

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Hex files consist solely of printing chars, so they can go anywhere that text can. After that there are a couple of popular coding formats, largely originating with Intel and Motorola.

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Hi Antti,

I am tasked to dynamically configure the PROM. JTAG is used for that. But we need to implement it through software. We have Intel Hex file which we need to load in to PROM with out JTAG. So I need to know how JTAG does this so that we can do this.

As you said "it depends on what device on the JTAG", so my doubt is if we get this for any device then cannt we do the same for the other device with modification according to that device.

Thanks, Ashish

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Most of the work is adapting to the device and the hardware configuration of your jtag cable (which bit of which port of which processor controls what jtag signal).

Start by picking a representative device and researching programming methods for that using the manufacturer's website and/or google.

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Hi As mentioned, you should find out from the manufacture of the device how they use JTAG to access the device. There is no standard for this part. Get a copy off 1149.6 to see how JTAG it self works. JTAG is not something you solely do in software, it is a hardware spec. You need a JTAG interface and the spec on how to use that( could even be done with a printer port and some connectors ). Dwight

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