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Re: Job Add: UK, permenant
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Well, I currently live in NYC (so, I have the inestimable privilege of
paying over $200 extra per month in city income taxes to live with horrific
traffic, draconian local laws - though not as bad as Boston, unbelievably
expensive auto insurance, bloodsucking tolls to get anywhere at all, crowded
conditions, pollution, dirt, trash, and so on). Within 15 miles of where I
live (i.e. still well within my target commute range - my current commute to
work is just over 25 miles), a decent 2br can be anywhere from $148,000 to
$500,000. In my street, it's $500,000 - so I rent (thank God, otherwise I'd
be tied to this hole). Ten minutes' drive away, a nicer house is under $250.

This is why it's so darn hard to compare salaries meaningfully.

I believe I earn around the medium range for my skillset (no secret - USD75K
+ benefits, FWIW). I'm sure there are jobs with fatter salaries, but finding
them is another story. And /enjoying/ them is another story still.

-- Lewin A.R.W. Edwards ( /)
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