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I am recruiting for Synaptics in Santa Clara, CA and am looking for a Sr. Systems Architect. If you are interested please contact me directly @

Senior System Architect - Santa Clara, CA

Synaptics, the world leader in human interface solutions for portable electronic devices, invites qualified applicants to apply for a career opportunity as a Senior Systems Architect in our Platform Architecture department. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with great creativity, technical strength, leadership, and technical oversight skills.

The position will have responsibility for contributing to the development of fundamental technologies for Synaptics=92 future growth. Architects at Synaptics play a critical role in fostering innovation within Synaptics by leading and coordinating a team of highly skilled technical contributors to the successful completion of platform development projects. Platform projects are typically focused on the development of new core-technologies rather than the development of specific customer deliverable products. As such, our candidate needs very strong and diverse engineering and science skills. He or she will be overseeing platform development projects that are very multi- disciplinary in nature. Projects may involve combinations of disciplines such as electronics, physics, software, mathematics, materials, optics, and mechanics. Challenges often faced in such projects are reconciling real-world observations and data with analytical predictions. Synaptics has experts in all of these areas and so the architect will also have to opportunity to leverage the expertise of others and expands his or her own areas of knowledge.

In addition to technical contributions, our individual will oversee the technical aspects of project definition and execution. They will be expected to combine broad technical skills, technical lead skills and people skills to oversee a talented multi-disciplinary design team. Our Senior Systems Architect will also interact with internal departments such as Strategic Marketing and Business development as well as external customers to help shape Synaptics=92 future core- technologies.

Candidates for this position should have demonstrated capability to technically oversee and guide complex projects that may span from months to, in some cases, a year or more. We are seeking a team- oriented individual with a positive attitude and excellent problem solving skills, self-driven with keen technical mind and an eye for detail. He or she must be effective in a fast-paced, highly technical R&D environment.

Summary of Minimum Requirements =95 Circuit and System Design expertise =95 Engineering/Science Masters Degree. PhD Preferred. =95 Minimum 7 years of relevant experience, plus 3 years experience with technical lead responsibilities such as team leadership, influencing and motivating co-workers, project definition and guiding team execution. Must effectively communicate and interact with other internal departments as well as senior management. =95 Strengths in system theory and electronics, both analog and digital. =95 Broad technical experience is essential. Skills in some or all of the following areas are necessary: o Physics o Software/firmware o Mathematics o Signal processing o Simulation o Mechanical systems o Optics o Materials =95 Ability and willingness to develop and grow in the above technical areas =95 Demonstrated ability to successfully coordinate and drive R&D technology projects =95 Ability to work in a fast-paced R&D environment with technology- oriented deliverables =95 Effective multi-tasking capability =95 Attention to detail!

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