Java Virtual Machine with GUI in embedded environment

Hi all,

I need to evaluate the possibility to use a Java Virtual Machine in an embedded environment (it will be a MIPS processor, 400MHz, with a graphical LCD 800x600)

I will need to implement a GUI in this environment.

I successfullty installed kaffe with AWT graphical library: swing would be better, but AWT can go :-)

the problem is that the resulting application is too slow.

To your knowledge, which a more efficient JVM (with graphical library?) I installed gcj, but I have not the graphical libs, or I saw SableVM, which is said to be efficient, but misses the graphical library (ha an old and buggy version of swing)

Any experience in this field?

thank giammy

-- Gianluca Moro

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Java, too slow? Never heard of such a thing. Although, I reluctantly admit hearing that ARM cores with Jazelle perform quite well.

Scott (Java cynics unite)

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Not Really Me

The trick is to do the JIT on the PC and only download native code to the device. Look for a native cross-compiler.

This is somewhat useful:

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There's an open source JVM for Arm devices, but it hasn't been updated in years and is quite bug-infested.

The trick is to use no JVM at all on the embedded device. Keep the byte codes on the PC.


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