Is anybody using LPC2888?

Hi all I m using ARM 7 , philips LPC2888 in my application. If someone is working on it plz let me this is very recent chip n used generally in applications like i-pod, mobile,etc.


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Data sheet an user manual are available here

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User manual..... 6Megbytes...! Sugges you read this one.

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Joe G (Home)

I don't think the lpc2888 is in production yet, but you can possibly get some samples. They said it would be in mass production sometime this fall, I believe.

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I have had samples for quite some time now but the main problem I have had is in prototyping bga. I am exploring various methods that will make it easier to prototype bga devices in general, not just the lpc2888. Of course it's Murphy's law in action when the first bga chip I get serious about is a 0.5mm fine-pitch bga!*&^(%). At least it is only three rows deep.

I thought the chip was in production as it looks like an ASIC for a volume product. But I couldn't really do anything until the user manual was available.

Best place to ask about the Philips ARM devices is on

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Peter Jakacki

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