I2C high speed mode and I2C range extending

Hi - are there any microcontrollers out there that support I2C high speed mode? (3.4Mbps - defined in the I=B2C-bus specification, Version

2=2E0). I can't find any that do. I can't even find any NXP parts that do!

Also - has anybody ever used an I2C bus extender chip? (ie the NXP P82B715). What was your experience with it? Are there any that can handle higher speeds that that one? (1Mbps+)



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3.4Mbps devices do seem very thin on the ground :)

NXP have recently been beefing up their SPI portfolio, so it may be the market has effectively side-stepped 3.4MBps i2c, as being too-little a speed jump, and gone instead to the

20-50-150Mbps SPI region.

You could use CPLDs to do 3,4MBps i2c (or faster), and if you need to use std uC, I'd do some bench tests. It's likely that simple master-slave will go much faster than full master-master arbitrate.


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Jim Granville

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