I2C driver terminology and ARM926EJ (AMBA) questions

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Hi all.
After reading the docs, I am still a bit confused about terminology
used by lm-sensors team. I have to implement i2c driver for my specific
hardware, that is based on ARM926EJ and AMBA bus. As I can see, there
is not support for I2C interface that sits on AMBA bus (APB part of
AMBA) and is on the other side connected to peripherals via I2C bus.
So, that interface, called ApI2c, is bridge between I2C and AMBA bus. I
have to write driver to describe it, and I am confused what files to

I have several questions that are unclear to me, so maybe someone can
answer these. As I understand now correctly, first of all I have to
describe interface, called ApI2c that sits on AMBA bus on one side and
is connected to I2C bus on the other side, so devices (peripherals)
connected to I2C bus talk to microcontroller via this bridge.

1) Is this (ApI2c bridge) "Adapter" in I2C teminology?

2) Do all the files in "buses" directory decsribe such a "bridges" that
are harware specific (tha is, do "busses" directory hold description
for different "adapters", if these are adapters...)? If so, I have to
write part of the driver that describes my bridge, that is ApI2c for
AMBA, and put it in "busses" folder. Following your instructions, I
have to inform amba driver that this "bridge" is another amba_device,
and register it within else amba devices. Is this correct?

3) Suppose I do not want to connect any I2C peripheral for now. So, I
do not need "chips" part of the driver. I just want to enable the
functionality for these chips (with their appropriate drivers) to be
inserted later. Question is, how will I know (test) thah I enabled this
functionality correctly? That means, when I change
arch/arm/<mach-yourboard>/core.c file, and write ApI2c bridge
decription (which I put in "busses" folder), and succesfuly compile
kernel (or maybe this has to be loaded as a module?), under which
directory in Linux will I see this "bridge" driver? How can I test it
-- send some messages to it? Are there some userspace tools that can do
that? I am asking this question because this "bridge" (ApI2c) is not a
device in a strict sense. Devices are peripherals connected to I2C bus,
and described with their own drivers from "chips" directory. So how is
this "bridge" driver treated by Linux, and where I can see that it
exists and that is wrote correctly, and how can I test it/talk to
microcontrollet thru it?

4) What is exactly in "algo" folder. What are these algorithms? Does
not one describe the functionality of such a bridge within "busses"
folder? Do I need some file in "algo" folder (preferably not). If not,
do I have to implemant some algorithm within my "bridge" file, which
will sit in "busses" directory? What are these algorithms exactly, when
we have
protocol described in i2c-core file?

Best regards,

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