I am new in the world of embedded programming

hi, right now i am starting microcontroller 8051 programming... but i am very new in this field .. sooo some one can guide me from where i should get start. Is there any tutorial available .. ?

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This document might help you.

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Hi Amara,

You have a very nice name! Have You already checked out

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Lots of info there. I hope it is not .net or .org, I think it was .com, but well, if that doesn't work, try the others.

Good luck and enjoy the programming!

Greetings, Rene

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Elektor magazine ran a tutorial a few years back. I suppose that any book about the very basics of programming will do, together with the documentation of the instruction set. The first thing to do is of course, flash a LED connected to an IO port, and maybe read an IO port. This ensures with a minimum effort that you have mastered the toolset and are able to download a program to the target and run it. After that it is up to your own phantasy, supported by the wealth of information on the Internet (why reinvent the wheel, although it is very educational ;-)


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