How to create a backlight for a capacitive touch keypad

I'm playing with the MPR121 touch sensor controller demo kit from Freescale... and it works :-)

Now I want to assembly a complete capacitive touch keypad that can be seen without ambient light, so I'm trying to find a solution for backlighting.

The keypad should have three layers: the PCB with capacitive pads, a transparent sheet with a diffuse light and a opaque label with transparent symbols what I want show.

What kind of transparent sheet should I use? I think a material similar to a light pipe that is used to bring the light of a LED in another place. But I don't know any company that can manufacture this kind of sheet.

Can you suggest someone? I'm going to produce 1000pcs, I don't know if someone create a custom for me for my project.

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Il 26/02/2014 14:11, Kennedy ha scritto:

Very nice, but they manufacture all the system (PCB with capacitive keys, light layer and overlay) using a proprietary technology.

I'm interested only in the diffuser plan for the backlight.

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