PC transfer Zero padded data to device through USB 2.0


i am using USB 2.0 protocol to transfer data from PC(host) to device(slave). I have requested PC to transfer 1000 bytes of data but it transferred 1024 data(actual data =1000 and zero padded data = 24). Actual data size is not fixed. So device doesn't know how to eliminate zero padded data, Finally these data are going to DAC.Since device doesn't about padding ,DAC module propagating same zero padded data to output. i dont know how to deal this problem.Could anyone let me know how to resolve this?

Thanks Karthi.S

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You haven't provided us with enough information.

What hardware are you using? What drivers? A comment about your top- level goals may help, here, too.

It sounds kind of like you're using off the shelf hardware, in which case I would suggest that you (a) re-read the documentation to see if you're telling the thing the data length correctly, or if you can tell it to do

1000 points, or (b) send it 1024 points, and pad it out with the value you want.
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