Touch switch / Capacitive Sensor ?

Hi there,

I have seen a IMO cool gadget lately in a hotel. Instead of a mechanical wall switch, you basically found a metal plate of about 2 inch diameter. By touching this plate shortly with your bare finger, you switched on/off the room light. By touch and hold your finger on the plate, you started dimming the very same light up/down until you release the plate.

Question: I am looking for this kind of "touch switch". I don't need the dim function. It should work as normally open relay, so as long as I touch the metal surface, the relay is shut. Some Specs:

- Relay input: 120/230 V AC

- Switching current: No restrictions, can be anything AC or DC

Do you know a maker or have an idea how to design such a device ?

Thanks for any help



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Peter Kunze
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Peter, do a Google search on "capacitive touch switch."

You'll get many interesting hits.


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