How to connect two Ethernet PHY devices on the same PCB point-to-point ?

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If I have TXD+, TXD-, RXD+ and RXD- from two different Ethernet PHY devices that I want to connect together point-to-point ... do I have to use two transformers to connect the devices ? Or can I simply connect TXD+ (dev A) with RXD+ (devB) and so on ?

I really want to avoid using the transformers. Can I use the decoupling circuit converting the differential signal to digital logic signal ??? and then back to differential of the other device ?

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I've had success just using in line capacitors - I don't have access to the system anymore but we were connecting 2 Realtek 5 port switches to get the 2 cpu's linked and 8 external ports. I think we got the component values from one of their application notes where then connected one port of their switch to a CPU with internal PHY.

Stan Katz

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