Here's how to get CVS & CVSNT working in the MPLAB IDE

Perhaps this will save someone an evening of frustration. MPLAB comes with little instruction on getting CVS working. Heres how I did;

Get CVS Gui from

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It comes with CVSNT; a windows 2k / NT server for CVS, from
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(where you can find support info & docs for it).

MPLAB IDE doesn't use CVS in the "local" mode, it only uses the context-menu commands with a server, even on a local machine.



Setup your project folders: Root folder - Host for CVSROOT Repository ("module" folder) Working folder (the "sandbox") Sources folder (where original files are initialy put before they are imported into a module. This gets deleted later)

copy files (template.asm, .inc, .lkr) into Sources folder


configure CVSNT; run CVSNT, the Root path, it will ask if you want to initialize it, yes

Make and copy admin & passwd files into CVSROOT & configure(OR IT WON'T WORK!!! They don't tell you this! Simple files, admin is a list of users, passwd a list of username:password_string)

Use ":" after [username] in passwd file. start with null password, empty field.

Put users (w2k/NT login names) in admin file

Make sure users have permissions right in system

Use CVSNT clear password utility if necessary (but you must have the file, without passwords in it. It won't clear passwords from the file, it causes CVSNT server to ask for passwords again - it clears CVSNT's buffer.)


Run WinCVS: Import module: select source folder, set [Repository path] to folder revisions will be stored in set CVSROOT (:pserver;username=dumbass;hostname=localhost;port=2401:\New\Projects\Pic2)

Checkout Module: Highlight & right-click on Repository folder [Module name and path on server:] Repository folder name [(checkbox)][Check out into directory:] working (sandbox) folder [Local folder to checkout to:] where Repository folder goes

*** Run MPLAB proj wizard, setup project for target proc, proj (sandbox) folder, & add files

Configure MPLAB : Host: (computer's name) localhost or ROOT: /New/Projects/Pic (use CVSNT server unix Repository Name, not CVSROOT) Port: 2401 (CVSNT port setting) Module: (sandbox folder name, from Checkout Module function)

Should be able to Login (current user) from a command promt if server's working right: >cvs -d :pserver;username=dumbass;hostname=localhost;port=2401:\New\Projects\Pic2 login


Good luck!


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