Has anyone heard of corepcb?


My company got a quote from Core International Industry Co., Ltd, which is temptingly cheap, and the PCB is non-trivial, being 0,1 mm holes/gap, microvias and buried vias, ENIG gold coated.

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They advertice their DNV quality certificate on

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however, DNV (Det Norske Veritas) China can not confirm that the company has this certificate.

I will follow up on this when I have asked Corepcb for details on their certificate, meanwhile, does anybody know this company?

We have a recommendation of

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so they will probably get the job, however the quote from Corepcb is really atractive, so we might run the risk of sending our money to /dev/null.

Regards, Henning Petersen

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Henning Petersen
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No idea on corepcb.

Used pcbcart only the once for a couple of simple dspth boards x 50 each. V/good price, delivered on time and well packaged, they were good quality for my needs. They even promptly answered email enquiries which suprised me. HTH.

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I use pcbcart all the time. 100% , BUT their resist tends to peel on large ground planes with flow soldering.....but lately seems better so maybe they sorted that. I did try another company for some special 1.4 mm boards and they screwed up big time, after promising they could do the job.I now find that PCBcart can do 1.4 :( I am currently waiting for their replacements.......

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I have used pcbfabexpress.com for a clock project and their boards were magnificent! They were just perfect.

Best regards.

Mike Burch Apache Junction, AZ

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Mike Burch

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