Hi folks, just want to reccomend a company that has done me well

Hi All,

I would like to recommend a company based in Morgan Hill, Ca that has a nice selection of new and used electronics components and stuff, including all types of test equipment. If you mention my name, you will get a special discount also! Their website address is

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Thanks and I hope find what you need at great prices!


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Jim Newlon
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Well I surfed to their site just to compare some prices. Obviously didn't check them all out but they appear to be pretty cheap for semiconductors. e.g. their 2N2222A are US$0.25 each, whereas

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have the same for AU$1.25 each. Likewise the common 2N3055 is US$1.25 whereas
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have the same for AU$2.50 each.

If you were ordering in quantity the savings may very well be worth it as long as you offset the shipping cost.

Cheers, Alan

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Alan Rutlidge

Ok Shit for Brains!, where did you say Hundreds!

BLAH Blah Blah...

That was my point DH!

But you are going to deal with a Company that is Ripping off an Australain Company name!!

just on that point alone I would keep away from him, If hes ripping off a name like that, then how would you know he is selling you a true 2n2222A and not a second rate product. and then you end up with 200 or 2000 faulty Transistors, failing in your product you have just spend $1000's on marketing, just to save a few bucks to buy off a Yankie altronics firm.. as I said "LOSER"

Cheers... Allan

PS And that's Crap! I Hate reading through all the Message that I have already read in the Original Post, So YES put a Statement at the TOP. That where it should be!

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