H8/3664 Simulator

Hi for last 3 years I am working on h8/3664 with Hew2 and FDT. Can any one tell me from where I can download h8/3664 or its equivalent simulator. As well as I need nos of sample codes.

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Ken Asbury

I seem to recall that there is such a simulator that is part of GDB, although I remember that when I used it I needed to modify the source a bit for the mode I was using... but that was a long time ago.

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Michael N. Moran

How about the HEW4 and stuff available through here:

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It has an H8 simulator.

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Peter Harrison

.. and the HEW IDE with the Renesas compiler does offer a simulator as well. Plus HEW can generate code and example projects for you, providing you install a "development kit" package after the tools are there.

There was an SKP for the 3664, but it is no longer "current". More info is available here:

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