GDB support for the MPC56x using P&E Micro bdm cable

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I have a MPC564 EVB evaluation board from Motorola.  It comes with a P&E
Micro BDM cable, and a pre-built copy of the gnu toolkit (provided by
Macraigor / OCDemon).  However, the gdb version is useless with this
hardware (unsurprisingly, the build supports only the Macraigor / OCDemon
cables - and more surprisingly, it does not support the MPC56x chips or bdm
cables at all).  Apparently CodeWarrior supports this cable, but it is well
outside our budget.  I'm looking for any hints for where I could get gdb
patches for this setup (windows binaries or source code patches are fine).
Apparently the MPC56x bdm interface is similar to that of the MPC860, so any
links there would also be of interest.



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