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Hi group,

we have a self designed XScale PXA255 board based on the lubbock
development board with two Strata flash chips.
Additionally there is a option to plug a shuttle board with a PCI bridge
chip and a fpga.
Without the shuttle board plugged in, all works well, the flash is
reading the right values and we can e.g. run a bootloader.
But with the shuttle board plugged, the flash is reading nonsens.
We have figured out that if we set the PSSR[RHD] bit, which is high
after reset, to low the flash is working correct.
So our problem seems to have something to do with the state of the gpios
of PXA. If the PSSR[RHD] is high (after reset) there are pull-ups
interally connected to the gpios.

Any ideas would be very welcome.


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