FPGA for 8051core??


I'm an Undergrad student & we're designing an 8051 core. Could you plz tell me if it is likely to fit on 'Altera Cyclone EP1C12Q240C8' ?

Will Quartus II web edition(version 5.1) be sufficient for all the design flow steps(including programming) ? Or do we need a purchased version?

Thanx in Advance. Neha .

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Should be no problem, I just synthesised the Oregano 8051 (CPU only) and it only took 3211 LC's (27% of an EP1C12)

Yes, the webedition should be fine. For any FPGA related questions I would use the comp.arch.fpga newsgroup.

Good luck with your project and don't forget to spend as much time on the design as on the validation!


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