Firewire device evaluation kit?

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I'm looking for a Firewire (IEEE1394) evaluation kit to learn about device
design and software interface (not host design). My planned hardware should
work without processor and the interface to the attached device should be
as simple as possible (e.g. a FIFO or RAM or port interface).

Does anybody know about such an eval kit?

Re: Firewire device evaluation kit?
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You imply that there's a difference between a 'device' and a 'host' in
1394 communications, but AFAIK such a distinction doesn't exist.
That's about the biggest conceptual difference there is between
Firewire and it's strongest contestant: USB 2.0 is strictly
host-oriented, to the point that you might come to believe the real
reason it exists is to boost sales of prospective hosts, i.e.: PCs.

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