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What is the MCU family? What do you want to do with the system? What peripherals are you going to use?

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Chris Hills

I have a 300 MHZ embedded computer, what embedded operating system software is out there that I can load onto a 250mb solid state hard drive.

Iam using a solid state hard drive to cut down on space and portability.

Thanks Mikle

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250 millibytes is very small. I can't see you fitting much of an operating system into that. If you can afford a few megabytes, you could consider AppleDOS (for a 300MHz 6502), ProDOS (likewise), CP/M (for a 300MHz 8080, 8085 or Z-80), Minix (for many different CPUs), FLEX (for a 300MHz 6800, 6801, 6809), MP/OS (for a 300MHz MicroNova), QDOS (for a 300MHz Sinclair QL), p-System (for a 300MHz UCSD Pascal Micro-engine - which I must admit appeals to me).

I would imagine that 250 8" Floppy drives would help you cut down on portability and space around the device much more.

-- Alf Katz snipped-for-privacy@remove.the.obvious.ieee.org

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He didn't say he created it, just that he possesses it. Isn't this the same guy that was posting about the Advantech PCM-5822 the other day?

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