The Biggest Mistake in Windows 7 and such, Task manager does not focus on harddisk perform...

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It's time to discuss and inform you of what has been bothering me for quite some time now.

It's how Windows/The Task Manager presents the "performance of the computer".

In my daily usage it's not the CPU or the Memory usage which decides the experience.

It's mostly the harddisk and the constant harddisk/pagefile swapping that determines the most annoying part of computer usage.

Stutters/slow downs and waits for loads. Especially while browsing.

I wish Task Manager would focus much more on harddisk loads and what is causing it.

Nowadays Firefox and many tabs are open and the task manager is nearly useless.

Firefox should have a built in task manager and show which tabs are using the harddisk and such.

I hope in the future when I do build a new PC, if I ever do build a new PC and when I will absolutely stuff it CHOKE full with RAM and some SSDs that this stutter shit will belong to the passed. However I fear the worst.

The nice thing about MS-DOS and it's programs was basically stutter free operation. It had sometimes a different feel to it.

Anyway Windows is still the "DISK OPERATING system" that ms-dos was.

And thus the focus on the most/fastest components of the system CPU and memory is just PLAIN wrong !

I do like virtual memory and it's memory block/page file swapping though, it allows running much more programs than ms-dos ever could and swapping between them as needed !

I can only hope that future operating systems focus more on the true and most annoying bottlenecks of the system ! ;)


Re: The Biggest Mistake in Windows 7 and such, Task manager does not wrote...
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 I use a physically different drive, with partitions,
 for all my data and work files.  When I made my new
 computer 2 years ago, I used a solid-state drive for
 C:, filled with the operating system and programs.  
 This gives a fast quiet experience.  I'm using Win 7.

    - Win

Re: The Biggest Mistake in Windows 7 and such, Task manager does not
On 03/03/2018 20:41, Winfield Hill wrote:
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The slight surprise in making this change is how much it speeds up web  
browsing which I would not have expected to be quite so disk bound. It  
isn't like my PC is short of physical memory so I am a bit surprised  
that it page swaps at all for routine web browsing (but it does).

Samsung SSDs now almost saturate a 6G link whereas spinning rust is  
roughly 20x slower. It makes a big difference to performance.

Some motherboards allow you to actively cache the most frequently used  
files off the spinning rust and/or a live ram image on suspend. I used  
that solution back when fast SSDs bigger than 32GB were very expensive  
and it worked fairly well but was "interesting" when things went wrong.

These days I just rely on a 500GB SSD for OS, programs and certain  
heavily used bulk data.

Martin Brown

Re: The Biggest Mistake in Windows 7 and such, Task manager does not focus on harddisk performance !
On Sat, 3 Mar 2018 04:56:37 -0800 (PST),

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If your machine is actually swapping, then you don't have enough RAM.
In the Performance Monitor (perfmon.msc), the "page file use" is not
how much swap your machine is using, but rather how much diskspace
your OS has reserved to swapping.  

To get the actual swap (pagefile) usage, run the Performance Monitor
(perfmon), and Add Counters (The button with the "+" icon).  It's the
8th one over, to the left of the X)
   -> Paging File -> % Usage  
   -> Paging File -> % Usage Peak
I prefer to monitor "Avg Disk Queue Length" and "Current Disk Queue
Length" which tell me how far the hard disk drive is behind the
operating system.  Autoscaling makes a mess so I have the "Scale"
factor set to 100 and 10 respectively to get a reasonable display.  I
have perfmon.msc start on boot (in the Startup folder) so that I can
tell the disk activity has finally quieted down and the machine is
ready to use.

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Empty your unspecified cache.  Firefox had a problem when they
switched to the Quantum version that is easily fixed by clearing the

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Your task manager is out of focus?  

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Task Manager Add-on for Firefox:
However, it was one of the numerous add-ons and extensions that didn't
work after the switch to Quantum.

If you really want detailed system troubleshooting tools, I suggest
Microsloth Sysinternals:
Specifically, I suggest Process Explorer installable::
or stand alone:
There are tutorials on the MS web pile and on YouTube on how to use

Jeff Liebermann
150 Felker St #D
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