embedded 802.11b?

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i realize i'm still far away from being able to develop anything of such
high level, but with bluetooth seemingly dead on arival for non
mass-production devices (huge development costs, doesnt build upon
existing standards) and the few solutions which were being promissed
getting latter by the day (national cp3000), 802.11b seems to be
becoming a more and more viable alternative.  costs for complete 802.11b
pcmcia cards are dirt cheap, i cant imagine actual cost of silicon is
that much to add to an existing processor.

are there any plans for micro's with 802.11b built in (minus PHY)?  it'd
be much easier to program, have massively better performance around the
board and all that good stuff.


Re: embedded 802.11b?

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Motorola are producing microcontrollers with on-chip 802.15.4 (ZigBee)
but 802.11b/g is a bit of a stretch.

Microcontroller manufacturers have always put network connectivity
very low on their priority list, for example microcontrollers with
on-chip Ethernet are only just starting to emerge, even though the
standard has been around a very long time.

Jeremy Bentham
Iosoft Ltd.

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