Embedding 802.11b

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I'm trying to figure out how to at 802.11b connectivity to an existing
product.  From doing a Google search, it seems like the standard
answer is to do it the iosoft way, i.e., add a TCP/IP stack to the
firwmare and interface to an off the shelf PC card.

The big problem for my application is I need -40 to 85 deg C
components and off the shelf components do not seem to be available in
industrial grade.

Anyone know of any canned solutions to add 802.11b to an industrial
application?  If no canned solutions are available, does anyone have
any pointers to industrial grade 802.11b chipsets?


Re: Embedding 802.11b
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My company just recently finished an embedded wireless system in which
we used a cheap, development system from a company called applied data
systems to do some rapid development.  i think that the dev boards
they provide have the capabilities to do an 802.11b industrial app.
check them out here:


Re: Embedding 802.11b

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These WinCE/Linux/VxWorks systems provide a CF socket for running embedded
802.11b, but the problem remains; are there any CF or PCMCIA WLAN cards with
industrial temperature range?

Jeremy Bentham
Iosoft Ltd.

Re: Embedding 802.11b

Anyone have a list of cards that documentation can be found so you can program


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