EBC-3410 single board computer and HDD

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I bought EBC-3410 to install Linux on it. After installation all
necessary periphery, including old 2GB HDD I installed Debian. It
worked two days and after that HDD failed.  Diagnostics said, that it
had been totally damaged.
I replaced it by new 40GB Maxtore, bought "Red Hat" for $50 and
continued my studies. After several attempts the installation program
told me that my HDD is bad. I installed it to another computer, ran
MAXTORE disk diagnostic utility and discovered that the HDD is
nonrecoverable. I reread the EBC-3410 datasheet, but did not find any
warnings or special instructions about HDDs.
Did anybody have such a problem?
Can it be so that the SBC somehow spoils HDDs?
Maybe I missed something in the datasheet?
Thanks, Alex

Re: EBC-3410 single board computer and HDD
Hello Alexander,

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I've performed extensive testing on this board, including 72-hour burnin
process with frequent HDD read and write activity. I would suspect power
supply issues as a first most likely candidate for your problem. It should
not be possible, anyway, for commands from the board to damage the hard

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