Timer 2 overflow = interrupt 5?

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Hi there..

Getting timer 2 to signal an interrupt using C code was a bigger task than I
expected. This is the code that seems to work, but I don't have any clue on
why it works - perhaps someone here can point me in the correct direction?
When I look in the documentation to the 80c535 it mentions that interrupt 5
is tied to the CC2 / P1.2. When you look at the code you'll discover I don't
touch the register/pin at all.

#include <reg515a.h>
#include <stdio.h>

void timer2(void) interrupt 5
 TF2 = 0;

void main()

 TH2 = 0xff;   // timer 2 high byte
 TL2 = 0x50;   // timer 2 low byte
 EAL = 1;    // enables global interrupt thingy
 ET2 = 1;    // yup to timer 2 interrupt

 CRCH = 0xff;
 CRCL = 0x50;

 T2CON = 0x11;  // boots the timer

 while (1) {



Thanks in advance!

I doubt, therefore I might be.

Re: Timer 2 overflow = interrupt 5?
INT 5 is probably used for timer overflow if  timer 2 is enabled and triggered
by P1.2 if timer 2 is not enabled. Lots of pins on microcontrollers are dual

Re: Timer 2 overflow = interrupt 5?

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But the problem I have is that the documentation doesn't mention this, it
does mention that a timer 2 can generate an interrupt - but it sneaks around
explaining exactly what interrupt it uses..

I doubt, therefore I might be.

Re: Timer 2 overflow = interrupt 5?
Hi, if you look in the manual under "interrupt structure" you should find a
list of what sources each interrupt. It's too important not be listed

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