downloading and executing code through U-boot

Hello all,

I have an AT91RM9200 "EVALUATION" kit. I am trying to execute a sampl code for configuring the USART1 peripheral inside the microncontroller i AUTOMATIC ECHO mode - this means that when the code executes th hyperterminal should receive back what it sends to USART1.

I have followed the steps written on the U-boot manual to download th code but, when I type the "go " expression and hit enter, NOTHIN happens!!!

Am I missing something here???? I feel i may not be taking care o bootstrap for my code??? just a thought but I need more advice an clarifications. Only the DBGU serial port is working because thats wha even U-boot uses to communicate!!!

What steps do I need to follow in order to sucessfully download an execute my code through U-boot? (My final code is in binary format).



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