Didactic Quality of Datasheets (Texas Timers)

Already walked through a dozend of diffrent uC Architectures Zilog, Motorola, Infineon, STM, AMD and more in the recent years. But for the moment the Texas Instruments TMS320C24x Peripheral description drives me crazy.

The Texas datasheet consists of a mix of feature lists and examples some diagramms and some descriptions. Everything shaked and then printed.

There are 3 Timers. Only Timer 2&3 can be cascaded. Each timer has its own compare function but there are also 3 full compare units and

3 simple compare units. But later you read, that full compare is only possible for timer1 and simple compare is only possible for timer 1 and 2. Full compare outputs are inverted and non inverted with additional dead band support for push pull amplifiers while simple compare units have only one output pin. Becouse the simple compare output pin is diffrent from the full compare outputs, there is a total of 9 output pins for 3 timers. Maybe I start being to old to learn new things but for those 3 timers I had to read 100 pages !!! (chapter2) and when I am through I have to start again becouse I did not understand anything and have no overview above the possible functions. Maybe things are complex but the more complex something is, the more care should be taken on how to divide the chapters. Good diagrams can say more than 1000 words. The writers for datasheets may be good chip designers but sometimes I doubt they already heard anything from didactic skills.

But maybe there are some Texas Counter specialists here:

My Timer 2 is connected to an encoder. This works already well counting up and down with the axis. Only forward direction important. At a specific angle, a magnet valve should be switched on and at another angle it shoud be switched off again. The rising edge current for the magnet valve should be an initial pulse with variable length. Therefore timer 3 can possibly provide a time reference. After that, a hold current limited by PWM should be applied to the valve. Therefore timer 1 provides a PWM base freqency (approx 5-10 khz) and variable width. Cannot use the simple compare outputs becouse this would require a HW change in the design. Timer 3 currently makes a countdown interrupt for system time tic interrupt.

How to setup the Action Controll Registers and what is the best output pin? This task requires 2 timer outputs one for initial pulse and one for PWM connected by wired or? Can I achieve HW action accuracy for the initial pulse, pulse length and PWM stop position or time or do I have to use Interrupt Service to enable disable the PWM outputs?

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Ok Janvi, I don't have time to read all that shit, but I understand you complaint, I think. My most recent project was on a DM642 DSP, which is where I understood, TI has the, without any doubt, worst god-damned technical documentation of anybody in the world. Its like they have a theory, lets take the information, spread it over as many documents as possible (all *.pdf, none printed), make that practically unuseable, and give it to our customers.......... Maybe a note to TI........... that DM642 is probably the baddest-ass processing chip on the planet (ethernet and everything) but you have to support the son-of-a-bitch.......... and part of "support" means comprehensive documentation.........

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Clark G. Smith

You may not likee th way they've organized things, but I've always found TI datasheets to be fairly accurate and in understandable English. Try datasheets from Samsung. Badly mistranslated and full of errors and typos.

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Grant Edwards

You are right with Samsung too. Last year I programmed the S6B1713 LCD/STN grafic controller. I understood this sheet much faster but probably LCD grafic controllers are not as complex than DSP Timers. Nevertheless English is not my language and typos doesnt hit me so much but the Samsung translation was obviosly Korean English. Thats why I was lucky that it was not required to learn Korean ...

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