Definition File for Hitachi H883048 using CSpy

Hi all,

I am looking for the register and interrupt definition file H83048.ddf of the HITACHI H8/3048 micro controller. This file is to be used in combination with the IAR CSpy debugger env. I have several files of other H8 but it`s quite a pain to adapt it to the H83048. Does anybody have this kind of file handy, or knows a link where to download ?

Any hints are greatly appreciated. Regards Chris

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Which if it has H8 support should have shipped with it, or somebody forgot to purchase a mosule (or similar). I would suggest talking to whoever supplied the IAR compiler to you.

Unfortunately I know of very few using IAR for that processor family and would suggest looking on IAR's web site.

Other than that I asume you have a maintenance/support contract for the compiler and can talk to IAR.

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