Decompile/disassmble embedded software (bootloaders)

Hi all, In cheap home routers it happens that bootloaders perform some checks to allow only vendor-approved firmware releases. Bootloaders are tiny -usually 64 bytes- and often contain meaningful strings about check errors, so it shouldn't be hard to decompile and change the conditional jumps and avoid checks.

I have some very basic knowledge about decompiling/disassembling for x86 and would like to try and disassemble these bootloaders. Architectures is usually MIPS/MIPSEL.

would you have any suggestions about where to start? ie. if you know some tools and or examples out there?

thanks G.

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Most cheap home routers can be used with alternative firmware by simply "updating" them with properly built images. The biggest project covering this sort of thing is

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- they also have information about bootloader configurations for a large number of routers.

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David Brown

ITYM 64 KiB.

If the bootloader is part of the controller's flash, it might be protected and cannot be read out.

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