Cypress EZ-USB microcontroller

Hello Sir, I am currently trying to develop a firmware on FX2 microcontroller from cypress, which is able to send continously data to a windows pc. However I have no idea where to start my doings. Should I first begin to program a windows application (do I need to write a driver?) or should I start programming the FX2-firmware. What I need is some kind of sample, that demonstrate the communication from FX2 - microcontroller to a self-programmed (with source code) windows application, so I could adapt it.

Is there anyone who knows where to get these information? Currently I am using a demo windows driver from "jungo", but if I create a driver and install it, the CYPRESS EZ-USB Control panel does not work any more on this port (message "no cypress usb device detected...." after having clicked on "open all). However I need the control panel to download monitor program, being able to load and execute the firmware (keil compiler).

You see I have many problems and no idea where to start. Maybe you could help with some information ressources. Please i need your suggestion... help me out......

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Go to the Cypress web site, and look for the FX2 tutorials.

There's a bunch of them on there, they will help you get started.


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The website link included here has several firmware and software examples for the Cypress FX2 USB chip. The developer lists all of his source code and schematics. He does his development on linux. But you should be able to easily port the linux gui software to Windows. The firmware should not require any changes. The developer has implemented an Osciliscaope using the USB chip.

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