I need to implement a data logging device with a high-speed (480Mb/s) USB 2.0 to the host. I'm considering the Cypress EZ-USB FX2. Any one got any experience with this device ? Does it deliver ? Does the software driver work out of the box ?. Any feedback good or bad appreciated.


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I have experience with the Netchip chips. (1.1 and 2.0,

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Very easy, very fast, and never any problems in the field. The sample firmware and driver code is fairly simple to modify and get working. I've done it on coldfire and Altera Nios, but they have appnotes for 20+ chips. They are all basically the same and easy to follow. I like the fact that the firmware is written on your processor so you know how to compile and debug already. If you can spring for their devkit, then you have a working example to go by that you can step through in the Visual Studio debugger.

Most of all the tech support is responsive when you're getting started. I think Netchip is not too big and not too small - just right for an engineer working alone or in a small group.


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Kenneth Land

I'm currently working with the FX2 Dev Board CY3681. I'm quite pleased with the performance and ease of use. The Tech Support cypress delivers is excelent. Cypress delivers the kit with the default sample driver and a jungo driver kit.

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EM van Rijk


Do you know who distributes the netchips in the US? I prefer distributors with easy online ordering and I'm only interested in very small quantities.


-- Georgi



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Georgi Beloev

Hi Georgi,

I don't do purchasing, but I think we either call Netchip directly or deal with a distributor called LogicOne (sp?)

If you can't find it, private email me and I'll ask our buyer.



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