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Hello everybody,

I am working on FX2 CY7C68013.. I am writing a C++ code to save the data in a file. I have succes to do i but now I want to download my firmware in the chip using my C++ code.

I am using visual 6 C++ and the librairy cyapi.lib.

I have search on the documentation of this librairy but I haven't foun something about this. So I have done other research on internet and I find something on cypres site. I give you the lin

formatting link

But on this page, there was only the description but I haven't succeed t find EZ loader..

Somebody have an Idee to help to download my firmware.

Thanks a lot

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I have found Ezloader. I have followed the different stept but I didn't success to find m driver. I think the problem come from the inf file. I have never done something like this so I am a little lost. Could you help me ?

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