CANopen communication for speeds greater than 250kb/sec


i've got a CANopen master communicating with two CANopen slaves at speeds less than or equal to 250kb/sec.but when i try to increase the speed to 500 or above,the connection is it something related to the physical connection of the bus?Im using two 120ohm resistors for bus termination.Have anyone experienced this problem before? what all might be the reasons for this error? please enlighten me in this regard..

thanks.. roth.

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Impossible to tell --- you didn't describe your physical bus in anywhere near enough detail for that to be answerable.

Likely reasons include that your cable might simply be too long for

500 kb/sec CAN, or that your CAN bit timing/sampling setup in your nodes is not usable for 500 kb/sec.
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In an answer at the CANLIST, I suggested to make a community effort on http:://

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to create a checklist for such typical problems.

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