Can't Flash MPC8343 Power PC using VisionClick

Hey Guys, I want to flash my MPC8343 Target (Freescale 8343 PowerPC b I´m Using Windriver VisionClick and a Pobe JTAG to write U-Boot on m Target.

So i connect the target and enter BKM Mode. Everytime i try to flash, th system answers " ERROR CANNOT LOAD ALGORITHM AT ADRESS XXXXXXXXX". So i tried some new adresses but it dosent work.

i think i cant write into ram and so it is, cause i also coukldn´t writ into ram in BKM console. Using the command " sm 0x00001000 5 " And so on i got the same error message " ERROR CANNOT LOAD ALGORITHM A ADRESS XXXXXXXXX".

maybe i need to change some flags before ?

Greetings Lee

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