Brushless development Kit - what do you expect? how to promote?


I offer a Brushless Development Kit. This Development Kit is based on a

CD. This CD contains

- complete sourcecode for a sensorless brushless ESC

- layouts for the plates

- in-depth introduction to the sensorless brushless control fundamentals

- tools for development

you can get more information at

formatting link

But now I have a request to you to anwer the following two questions::

1) I will know, what you as customer do expect of such an motion control kit. What should be added to the BDK as Software functionalyty, fundamentals


At the web site above - at site bdk info - you can read an excerpt of the documentation.

2) Which way of promotion can you advise? But I have only a little engineering office - so I cant make promotion events for million Euros .... It should be low cost and effective .... is it possible.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards


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Hello Wolfgang,

Well, down in the fine print it says you won't ship to the US. Many of the readers here are from the US. At least I'd put that in a more prominent place so folks from here don't have to spend much time reading on. It leaves a bad aftertaste if someone likes and wants your kit and then finds out. IOW that can damage your reputation.

I suggest to place a hint right on the front page. Maybe "Not for sale to US customers" or something like that.

Regards, Joerg
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